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— Saturday, May 5th, 2018

Date of Birth : Apr 4th, 2001
Age :18 Years old
Short Bio- Who is Daniel Lara?
Daniel Lara is an internet sensation, who got into fame after posting a video in 2016, the video of Damn Daniel. He is currently studying at Riverside Poly High School. The popular Daniel Lara bio is given below.

Age- How old is Daniel Lara?
Born on April 4, 2001, Daniel Lara was born to his parents in Riverside, California, United States. He spent his early age in Riverside and he has a brother, Reggie Lara. He is a high school student, currently studying at Riverside Poly High School. He is yet to be graduated from there. Being born in the United States, Daniel Lara nationality is American and he belongs to White ethnicity.

Net worth and Salary
As being a just a teen, he is just in his early ages. He became famous after he posted the video on Youtube titled Damn Daniel in 2016. The video featured Daniel and the voice of his friend Joshua Holtz. Daniel Lara net worth is not known and is yet to be revealed. Also, his salary is also under review.

Daniel Lara came to fame after he posted the video in 2016 under the title of Damn Daniel. Before that, he was just a normal guy. The video of Damn Daniel is the collection of Snapchat videos. The video went viral after by his friend Joshua Holz narrated with distinctive words.
He also made white Vans widely popular as he wore the shoes on his video. Because of this, one of the white Vans on the Ebay was bided up to $300,000.  Furthermore, TheEllenShow quickly invited him on the show, which raised his fame much higher.
Also, he featured in the song California Kids of the band Weezer. Also in 2016, he featured in YouTube Rewind
He got honored on the list of ‘The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet, by Time magazine. Also , Vans supplied him the white Vans for the lifetime.

Is Daniel Lara married? Who is her husband?
Daniel Lara has not married yet and he doesn’t have a wife till now. Also, he has not been involved in any relationships till now. However, In The EllenShow, he revealed he got approached by many girls after getting fame.  Currently, Daniel Lara is single. Also, there are no any rumors regarding hid dating life or having any girlfriend till now.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight
Daniel Lara is decent with his height and weight. Currently, Daniel Lara height is estimated to be 5 feet 7 inches. Also, she has maintained a fit body with an average body weight around 65 kg. Also, she has maintained a perfect body structure, however, her body measurements are under review.

Wiki and Social Media
As being a celebrity, Daniel Lara is active in social media. He can be followed on Twitter as @abc7leslielopez, on Facebook as @abc7leslielopez, and on Instagram as @abc7leslielopez. More information about her personal and professional life can be found from Daniel Lara Wikipedia page and wiki sites.